Is a tech skills gap holding you back? Consider an IT specialist as the solution

June 23, 2021

IT leaders are increasingly leveraging the technical skills of external IT specialists to solve skills gaps and future-proof their operations in an ever-changing landscape.

As you adapt to changing market conditions, upgrading your legacy systems creates a competitive advantage that enables organisations like yours to thrive in the digital era.

But the pace of innovation creates new challenges even as it helps you to solve old ones. Chief amongst those is knowing how to get the most out of your systems. Maximising your investments necessitates knowing your way around them. Yet constantly evolving technologies and software versions mean it simply isn’t viable to have experts in everything.

“Almost 34% of IT leaders surveyed identified tech skills and resourcing as a major challenge for 2021.” Independent UK Survey of IT Priorities 2021

New skills and capabilities are required by your IT department to unlock the full value of your systems and keep innovating. How can you go about getting these skills when you need them and who can you trust?

Download the full list of results from our Independent UK Survey of IT Priorities 2021.

Keeping ahead of the IT curve

The mind of an IT professional is a curious blend of creative problem-solving and technical know-how. If you don’t recognise this in yourself (and we’re sure it’s there), you’ll certainly see it in your team as they troubleshoot issues, put out fires and keep the core systems that power your business forward ticking over, day after day.

But it’s impossible for them to know everything, especially when those very same tasks and responsibilities take up the majority of their attention.

“Precisely because your IT systems are so important to your business, the teams maintaining them rarely have the opportunity to keep up to date with all the newest systems and software launches as they come out.”

Meanwhile, the IT landscape continues to evolve at breakneck pace, putting new business demands on IT management and their teams. Even the most adaptable teams may not have enough exposure to the products — or the time — to address issues quickly and effectively.

There are several reasons why a gap in technical skills and resources was voted as the second biggest challenge facing organisations in 2021:

  • Your IT system could struggle to meet the changing demands of the business.
  • Those competitors already leveraging external IT specialists to support their in-house teams could gain a competitive advantage over you.
  • Left long enough, your platforms could become legacy systems requiring a much more significant overhaul and investment to innovate them.

While you’re faced with a variety of options to prevent these scenarios from happening (most of which involve permanently expanding your in-house team and committing to upskilling), working with a specialist IT partner offers you the most flexible, long-term solution.

Tech skills

Benefits of working with an IT specialist

In today’s environment, flexibility counts for a lot. Many organisations won’t be in a position to grow their IT team with software specialists and this approach doesn’t scale well anyway. Similarly, upskilling the team takes them away from their day-to-day activities and is a never-ending venture as new systems and software versions are routinely released.

Bringing on the services of an external IT specialist neatly side-steps these challenges while giving you access to a team that does have the time to stay up-to-date on the latest technology innovations — and the experience implementing them.

More often than not, they will work closely with technology vendors and other providers, giving them inside knowledge when new software updates or functionalities are rolling out. Independent providers will be able to recommend systems and solutions that solve for you, so you know you’re getting the technology and the skills to make it work for your business.

“48% of IT leaders surveyed identified independent technology specialists as their most valuable source of input when making strategic IT decisions.” Independent UK Survey of IT Priorities 2021

In the short-term, these expert services are crucial to helping you maximise the value of your IT investments, but they offer longer-term benefits, too. Find a reliable partner you can trust and they will quickly become an extension of your IT department, championing the cutting-edge systems that solve for your business and driving technical innovation as well as providing the everyday tech support and skills needed in this rapidly changing environment.

Stay ahead of the curve with all the findings from our Independent UK Survey of IT Priorities 2021.

IT investments

Solve the skills gap with Q Associates

When it comes to the benefits of partnering with an IT specialist, we practice what we preach. From our range of certifications, you’ll know that every consultant and technical support professional you speak with are qualified to the highest standards, guaranteeing you best-in-class services you can depend on.

Our in-depth knowledge translates into better value, lower risk and improved reliability for all the systems you’re leveraging. And we’re not just good for technical support, either; every day, we help organisations to overcome obstacles associated with digital transformation and reduce the complexity of their environments, for IT systems that work for your business.

“I was impressed at the care and time Q Associate’s team invested in ensuring we got the right solution for our unique and highly complex environment.” Infrastructure Support Team Leader, Commercial

Given the times, the Q Associates Remote IT Support Services are perfect for organisations who need fast, specialist knowledge when technical issues arise. We also have a range of expert service offerings, including software asset management, health checks, licence optimisation, networking and security services and more.

So whether you need an IT consultant with an independent view of the marketplace, 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and management, professional services assistance, system administrations, or simply advice — we’re here to help, certified by some of the world’s leading technology providers.

Independent IT services

Key takeaways for IT management

When looking for an IT specialist you can trust, consider the following:

1. Do they have the technical expertise and the experience to meet your IT requirements, and can they evidence this?

Look for logos and partner certifications, either from systems you use or solutions you are considering.

2. The effectiveness of your solutions will in large be driven by the strategic plans underpinning them.

Do they offer strategy or consultancy? Either way, do they take the time to understand your goals, your business and what you need your systems to deliver?

3. Trust can also be measured through how they work. When it comes to strategic IT innovation, you’ll want a partner, not just a provider.

Are they flexible to your needs? Can they tailor their contract or service offering to suit your requirements? Do your values align? Look for testimonials and reviews to understand how well you’ll work together to solve your IT challenges.

To find out how Q Associates will support your in-house IT team and help drive future growth and innovation, please get in touch.

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