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Organisations are accelerating their digital transformation efforts to meet the constant changes and challenges posed by a world of remote everything.

As the workplace and cyberthreat landscape continue to evolve and adapt to match the digitally-powered world of today, many have struggled to keep up with adequately protecting their organisation while still maintaining efficiency and simplicity.

Organisations moving their business applications and data stores to the cloud, paired with distributed workforces, countless devices and growing regulatory complexity, have made on-premises internet gateways cumbersome and expensive to manage and rendered corporate firewalls powerless for remote users.

Q Associates, in partnership with Mimecast, is well placed to help organisations face these challenges, and more, with cloud-based solutions that offer always-on protection, comprehensive visibility & reporting and streamlined management.

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Email Security

Protect your organisation from spam, malware, ransomware and phishing attacks with cloud-based secure email services.

Even with a robust email security perimeter in place, attackers can try to bypass the perimeter and operate inside the organisation’s email network.

Mimecast provides email security that:

  • safeguards employee communication
  • reduces risk with targeted threat protection
  • provides data leak prevention
  • enforces email security controls

Attacks don’t stop at the email perimeter – Email Security 3.0 provides fully-integrated protection across three zones:

1. Email perimeter

2. Inside your network and organisation

3. Beyond your perimeter

Worldwide, more than 17,000 Microsoft 365 customers rely on Mimecast for pervasive email security across the three distinct zones.


Spear-phishing emails are the result of a customised, highly-targeted cyber-crime technique. Attacks are incredibly hard for end-users to detect, and they can have devastating consequences as a result of implanting malware, impersonating people and organisations and collecting data.

Solution: Granular and customisable email security configurations to fit your organisation’s needs and prevent advanced spear-phishing threats.

Impersonation Attacks

Impersonation tactics – also known as business email compromise – are often deployed in spear-phishing emails. They can result in significant financial loss, as attackers try to spoof the sender and/or sending domain to impersonate your executives, staff, business partners and well-known internet brands to fraudulently extract money or data from unsuspecting users.

Solution: Mimecast Impersonation Protection Services allow organisations to identify, prevent, quarantine and tag suspicious emails.

Internal Email Threats

Internal email threats can result from a compromised email account, a malicious employee or the unintended consequence of human error. And, no single email security control is 100% effective. Therefore, it is essential that internal emails are continuously monitored to detect threats that the gateway cannot detect, such as email account takeover and new threats discovered post-delivery.

Solution: Mimecast Internal Email Protect deployed inside the email perimeter to detect, contain and automatically remediate threats. Employee Awareness Training helps complete protection.


Email and web are common ransomware entry points and organisations need a solution that detects and blocks ransomware so it can’t spread.

Solution: The Mimecast Ransomware Protection Solution delivers advanced protection, preventing email-borne ransomware as well as protecting email systems from downtime or data loss.

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Web Protection

Mimecast Web is a cloud security service that provides the advanced protection your organisation needs to keep the web safe, while reducing cost and complexity.

Web security:

• Protects against malicious web-activity
• Blocks inappropriate websites from employees
• Ensures file downloads from the web are safe and malware free
• Provides anytime, anywhere protection
• Identifies, monitors and controls cloud applications to reduce shadow IT risks

Mimecast Web Security integrates with Mimecast Email Security for consistent protection.

Essential web security to help keep you safe

With digital business continually on the rise, employees are spending more of their time accessing content and applications online.

The web is the second-most commonly used vector (email being the first) for cyber-attacks and cyber criminals use a combination of spoofed domains and phishing to get end-users to click on malicious links.

Protect employees and guest Wi-Fi users against malicious and inappropriate websites, and stop threats before they reach your network or endpoints with Mimecast Web Security, a cloud-based scalable service that helps solve web security challenges.

• Fast and simple set-up
• Real-time visualisations help monitor security and protection status
• Instant detailed reporting for faster investigations
• App visibility and control
• Anywhere, anytime protection for all users and devices both on and off the network
• Protect guest WI-FI users and meet organisational security and governance needs


Email + Web Security – a fully-integrated cloud service

One system designed to protect The Top Two Critical Business Channels.

Mimecast’s proven Email and Web Security services provide a single, highly cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution for protecting email and web. Offering enterprise-wide visibility of cyber threats across both channels and dramatically simplified administration, Mimecast solutions provide the protection required to keep these channels safe, delivered in the most simple and cost-effective way possible.

  • World-class security backed by advanced threat intelligence and continuously updated with the latest protections
  • One cloud security solution for the top two attack vectors – email and web – reducing costs and administrative requirements
  • Open API platform that allows you to easily integrate with existing systems


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Threat Intelligence

Mimecast Threat Intelligence provides organisations with information specific to their environment – how they’ve been targeted, what cyber threats have been blocked and why.

Detect and take action on threats

Mimecast makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the strategies cyber attackers use by providing threat intelligence specific to your environment, enabling you to see how you’ve been targeted, what cyber threats have been blocked and why, how you compare with others and what actions your organisation can take to ensure protections are optimised.

This threat intelligence data is used to enhance Mimecast’s Email Security 3.0 protections across all three zones – at the perimeter, inside the network and organisation and beyond the perimeter. And thanks to a flexible and growing library of APIs, it can also be integrated easily with third-party tools to make your IT team and entire security ecosystem smarter.

  • Threat Intelligence Dashboard – presents information that is in context, easily consumable, instructive and actionable.
  • Threat Remediation – helps prevent the spread of malware by remediating malicious files of messages post-delivery.
  • Threat Feed – easily integrate Mimecast Threat Feed, an API, with the third party tool of your choice to get information to minimise attacks.


Ecosystem and Threat Intelligence
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Microsoft provides a full set of native
security features for Microsoft 365.
But are they sufficiently robust to protect your
business from a concerted attack?

Despite a strong set of native security features, gaps and limitations to Microsoft’s email defences leave many organisations vulnerable to a data breach or cyber-attack.

To reap the benefits of Microsoft without increasing cyber risk, it’s critical to follow the security best practice of layered protection, surrounding M365 with a comprehensive, cloud-based cyber resilience solution. Doing so not only increases protection at the email gateway, but it can also keep business flowing and data protected in case of a service disruption.

The Solution:
Mimecast Pervasive Security and Cyber Resilience

Mimecast’s Email Security 3.0 Strategy provides pervasive security across the email perimeter, inside the network and organisation and beyond the perimeter.

Protect against domain spoofing and brand hijacking with DMARC

Domain spoofing is used not only to target employees, but also customers, external partners and other third parties that trust your brand, and can lead to financial losses, as well as damage to reputation.

To successfully combat this type of attack, organisations need full visibility into all email senders using their domain to identify legitimate versus fraudulent senders.

The Solution:
DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting
and Conformance)

DMARC is an email authentication standard that can be used to help organisations identify unauthorised email senders, in order to ensure that only valid emails reach recipients.

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