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Modern applications are transforming every business. From AI for better customer engagement, to data analytics for forecasting, to advanced visualisation for innovation, the need for accelerated computing is rapidly increasing. But using existing infrastructure to power these challenges can be a stumbling block.

With NVIDIA computing solutions, organisations can evolve their IT infrastructure into a unified architecture where both modern and traditional applications can run optimally on a shared pool of resources, preparing for the future while driving down costs.

Businesses know they must transform or risk losing out to their competitors. In partnership with NVIDIA, Q Associates are working with customers across all major industry sectors to deliver top performance GPU products and solutions – delivering high performance computing which allows you to explore accelerated infrastructure for advanced workloads and data intensive challenges.

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Power both traditional and modern applications,
from data centre to edge

The NVIDIA portfolio of products and solutions supports a broad and diverse workforce, delivering improved IT management, security and performance.

NVIDIA Portfolio

Accelerate every workload with NVIDIA vGPUs

NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) technology uses the power of NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA virtual GPU software to accelerate every virtual workflow – from AI to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) – enabling users to work more efficiently and productively.


Deliver graphics-rich virtual desktops and workstations with virtual GPU (vGPU) software – accelerated with NVIDIA GPUs.

Run compute-intensive server workloads, including artificial intelligence, deep learning, data science and high performance computing on a virtual machine and leverage the benefits of improved manageability and security.

  • By offloading CPU cycles to the GPU, user density can be dramatically increased, fewer servers are required to support the same number of users and work can be completed more efficiently and productively.

From AI, deep learning and data science to virtual desktops and GRID vApps, NVIDIA virtual GPU software is available in four editions to meet the needs of multiple virtualisation use cases.

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The accelerated visual computing platform

From industrial design to advanced special effects and complex scientific visualisation, NVIDIA RTX™ is a world-leading professional visual computing platform that is trusted by creative and technical users to accelerate their workflows.

NVIDIA RTX Solutions

Developed to empower designers, scientists and researchers to explore their boldest ideas faster than ever, NVIDIA RTX professional solutions bring the latest technological advances to all industries – a culmination of powerful hardware, advanced software and tools, cross-industry platforms and a vast network of third-party applications.

From desktop to cloud, the NVIDIA RTX platform provides an extensive suite of solutions that fit the way you work.

NVIDIA RTX A5000 Graphics Card
Spearhead innovation from your desktop with the NVIDIA RTX™ A5000 graphics card, the perfect balance of power, performance and reliability to tackle complex workflows.

NVIDIA RTX A4000 Graphics Card
The NVIDIA RTX™ A4000 is the most powerful single-slot GPU, delivering real-time ray tracing, AI-accelerated compute and high performance graphics to your desktop.

NVIDIA RTX A6000 Graphics Card
Unlock the next generation of revolutionary designs, scientific breakthroughs and immersive entertainment with the NVIDIA RTX™ A6000 – the world’s most powerful visual computing GPU for desktop workstations.

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Purpose-built for the unique demands of AI

Whether creating quality customer experiences, delivering better patient outcomes or streamlining the supply chain, NVIDIA DGX™ systems deliver leading full-stack solutions for enterprise AI infrastructure at scale.

  • Unprecedented performance
  • Insights in hours – plug in, power up and start your research


Developed to meet the demands of artificial intelligence and analytics, NVIDIA® DGX™ systems are built on the revolutionary NVIDIA Volta™ GPU platform. Combined with innovative GPU-optimised software and simplification management tools, these fully-integrated solutions deliver ground breaking performance and results.

  • Optimised software stack: lets you simplify deployment
  • Unmatched AI leadership: adopted by many leading organisations
  • Scalable AI clusters: multi-node scalability
  • Access to NVIDIA expertise: to help you maximise the value of your DGX investment

Portfolio of purpose-built AI systems:

NVIDIA DGX Station™ A100 – AI Workgroup Appliance

NVIDIA DGX™ A100 – AI Training, Inference and Analytics

NVIDIA DGX POD™ – Scaled AI Infrastructure Solution

NVIDIA DGX SUPERPOD™ – Turnkey AI Infrastructure

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NVIDIA DGX™ Systems Solution Brief

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AI Data Centre in a box

NVIDIA DGX Station™ A100 brings AI supercomputing to data science teams, offering data centre technology without a data centre or additional IT infrastructure.

Plug in anywhere and provide maximum performance for multiple, simultaneous users anywhere in the world.

NVIDIA DGX Station™ A100

NVIDIA DGX Station™ is the world’s fastest workstation for data science teams. With four NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs, fully-connected with four-way NVIDIA NVLink™ architecture, DGX Station delivers 500 teraFLOPS of performance, bringing the power of an AI data centre to the convenience of your office, with no data centre required.

NVIDIA™ DGX Station™ A100 is designed for multiple, simultaneous users and leverages server-grade components in an easy-to-place workstation form factor. It’s the only system with four fully interconnected and MultiInstance GPU (MIG)-capable NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs with up to 320 gigabytes (GB) of total GPU memory that can plug into a standard power outlet in the office or at home, resulting in a powerful AI appliance that you can place anywhere.

Data Centre performance anywhere

  • AI supercomputing for data science teams
  • Data centre performance without the data centre
  • An AI appliance you can place anywhere
  • Bigger models, faster answers

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Make enterprise AI deployment simpler, faster and more cost effective with NVIDIA DGX systems

Powered by NVIDIA DGX Software Stack 
Optimised AI software lets you simplify deployment and get productive in hours.

Effortless Productivity 
Easy access to powerful compute that just works, without being tethered to infrastructure.

Flexible AI Infrastructure  
Adapting to your needs to handle multiple, parallel workloads for multiple users.

The portfolio of NVIDIA DGX™ systems
Purpose built for end-to-end AI development

Work smarter and faster with NVIDIA RTX technology

From large-scale architectural and industrial design to advanced special effects, energy exploration and complex scientific visualisation, NVIDIA RTX is the leading professional visual computing platform.

Real-time Ray Tracing – create cinema-quality, photorealistic renders 

Cross-industry platforms and a vast network of third-party applications 

Virtual Reality – build immersive experiences in VR 

Artificial Intelligence – optimise workflows with AI-enhanced applications 

Simulation – accurate modelling of the behaviour of real-world objects 

No matter what you do, the NVIDIA RTX platform provides an extensive suite of solutions – from desktop to cloud – that fit the way you work.

Desktop Workstations
Virtual Workspaces
EGX Platform for Professional Virtualisation
Speciality Solutions

Supercharged computing for the most demanding users

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