Why organisations are turning to hybrid cloud

March 30, 2021

hybrid cloud strategy

Discover how to futureproof your organisation with hybrid cloud infrastructure.

In the current economic climate, adaptability and flexibility have never been more important. In no small part due to the global health crisis, organisations around the world have found themselves challenged on an almost daily basis, highlighting the real need for agile systems.

But which infrastructure technology is going to help an organisation in the short-term, and which will take them to where they need to be in the future?

Traditional systems have served many organisations well up until now, but in today’s fast-paced environment, they can limit growth. Advances in cloud, AI and storage are providing a cost-effective alternative, giving organisations much-needed flexibility and speed to scale. They are also more accessible to all organisations regardless of size or industry, opening up new possibilities for businesses willing to invest in their systems.

What is the best way for organisations with private cloud systems to embrace public cloud services? Why are so many organisations making the move to hybrid cloud strategies now and how could your organisation benefit by doing the same? Read on to find out.

Hybrid cloud solutions explained
Technology developments in the cloud space mean IT Managers no longer have to decide what parts of tech/data will be accessed via the cloud, and what will stay on-premise. A hybrid cloud strategy utilises the best qualities of public and private clouds allowing data and applications to be shared between them.

Hybrid cloud is a computing environment that combines a private cloud with one or more public cloud services, with software enabling communication between each distinct service. Organisations with a hybrid cloud strategy stand to unlock a range of capabilities:

● Greater control over data (and where it’s stored)
● Single plane of management
● Instantly scale capacity up or down to handle changing workloads
● Effortlessly move workloads between environments

Many organisations operate from private clouds or on-premise hardware. Moving towards a hybrid approach unlocks all the benefits of the public cloud without the disruption of having to ‘rip and replace’ the whole infrastructure. As our data (see below) suggests, a growing number of businesses are adopting this approach to build agility and resilience into their core systems.

Scalable workloads

Businesses embrace the move to hybrid cloud

As part of the Q Associates Independent UK Survey of IT Priorities , we asked responders to identify the primary focus area for their 2021 IT strategy. The results of the survey highlighted the extent to which many organisations are focusing on futureproofing their infrastructure in the coming year:

● 46% of responders selected Public Cloud (e.g. AWS, Google, Azure)
● 41% of responders selected Data Protection & Compliance
● 33% of responders selected Hybrid (Multi) Cloud

Specifically, the data suggests the public cloud continues to gain popularity and acceptance. With government-enforced remote working policies changing the way many organisations approach work, an increasing number of businesses are turning to cloud offerings to provide scalable solutions that facilitate anywhere operations and bring remote teams together.

The key takeaway (one of seven insights highlighted at the end of the survey results booklet) in regard to IT infrastructure was that strategies continue to centre strongly on capturing the true value of the cloud, alongside protecting data and hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud computing challenges

The value and flexibility of cloud computing are becoming widely accepted by organisations and enterprise leaders, but there are still decisions to be made on what kind of cloud computing organisations need.

The significant focus on data protection and compliance revealed by the Independent UK Survey of IT Priorities highlights the importance of security when looking to move to public/hybrid cloud environments. Doing so not only reduces long-term operational risk but also ensures the migration takes place as smoothly and efficiently as possible, setting the hybrid cloud service up for the best possible chance of success.

A further challenge exists in selecting the right technology cloud player. Used properly, hybrid models can modernise and futureproof existing technology. However, a lack of governance or oversight can diminish the benefits of the platform. It may seem attractive to jump right in, go all cloud and get rid of on-premise hardware, but that might not be right for your organisation. Consider the following:

● What demands does your business place on its IT infrastructure?
● How much budget do you have available?
● Does the chosen service deliver the functionality your organisation needs?

In our experience, for many, a hybrid cloud solution incorporating a mixture of on-prem, public and private cloud is the best approach to take. A specialist like Q Associates can help you to answer all of these questions at the planning stage so you can be confident you have chosen the right solution for your organisation.

Cloud value

How Q Associates can help

At Q Associates, we understand that when you consider the move to the cloud, the benefits are not just about cost savings but delivering a digital experience globally.

We draw from over 30 years of experience to help our clients build modern hybrid clouds that unify their infrastructure and free up their data to move where it needs to be. Every cloud computing solution we deliver supports each customer’s strategic objectives, and we work with all our clients to migrate suitable workloads and data where required, utilising the world’s leading public and private cloud services to do so quickly, accurately and efficiently.

The move towards a hybrid cloud approach is well on its way for many organisations, and as confidence continues to grow and the need for businesses to react to tech trends, the transition will only speed up. So whether you’re looking to migrate or already on your cloud journey, there’s no time like the present. To thrive and survive, plan for cloud-based infrastructure that gives your organisation the ability to adapt and change direction quickly, whatever the weather.

To find out more about hybrid cloud infrastructure and how your organisation could benefit, get in touch today.


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