Optimizing Storage for all Workloads in Modern Datacentres

May 17, 2016

Optimizing Storage for all Workloads in Modern Datacentres
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Meeting the technology needs of the modern enterprise is often a trade-off between delivering demanding Service Levels, Performance/Availability/Scalability and managing aggressive cost targets to drive business profitability. Not only do we have to worry about today, but also the future and the new challenges that we cannot foresee.

Data storage underpins all aspects of enterprise IT, but typical storage solutions on the market today are similar to a Swiss Army pen knife, they do many things at a mediocre/reasonable level in a single package. In the modern datacentre, the application workload is king, as this is the portion of IT that delivers the real value to a business; therefore it is important to understand what the underpinning infrastructure needs to deliver so that the applications operate as efficiently as possible to deliver the most value to an organization.

Many organisations are now looking at innovative and flexible solutions to cope with these challenges. A new type of storage now readily available in the market is object storage, and the questions most IT professionals are asking are, “What’s different about an object store? Why should I use it? How should I go about phasing it into my specific IT infrastructure?

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