How NetApp HCI with Veeam Software Can Enable Your Business’ Digital Transformation

February 6, 2020

In today’s multi-cloud world, meeting the increasing demand for data is a key challenge. Read on to discover how NetApp HCI and Veeam Software combined can help your organisation achieve its digital transformation goals.

Data is increasingly at the core of every business or organisation and is fuelling new digital transformation initiatives. As data becomes more distributed, dynamic, and diverse, data availability has never been more crucial in an effective, holistic data management strategy.

Veeam helps organisations achieve comprehensive data protection for all workloads within a hyper converged infrastructure. When paired with NetApp HCI, your organisation can also benefit from a hyper converged infrastructure solution.

Read on to discover how NetApp HCI and Veeam solutions mitigate risk, enhance availability, reduce IT complexity, and lower costs.

What is Veeam and how does it relate to NetApp HCI?

Veeam is an industry-leading automated backup, recovery and replication software that helps businesses achieve comprehensive data protection for all workloads. 

Built on the belief that data protection should just work — without monitoring — Veeam is simple and straightforward to use, unlike most legacy systems. Enabling your organisation to drive increased efficiencies with ease and minimal cost.

Veeam and NetApp HCI are the perfect combination for protecting workloads and data, joining forces to offer a hyper converged infrastructure solution with reliable data protection designed for virtualised environments. With Veeam and NetApp combined, you can achieve fast, flexible and reliable backup, recovery and replication of all applications and data in a single console, on-premises or in the Cloud.

A differentiator for NetApp HCI is its ability to run multiple virtualised workloads, all with different consumption characteristics, concurrently in a highly automated way. Veeam, on the other hand, is the industry-leading automated backup, recovery and replication software that helps businesses achieve comprehensive data protection for all workloads. 

The combination of NetApp HCI and Veeam leads to a business solution that gives you a robust, scalable platform that reduces the risk of data loss and greatly improves business application availability

NetApp Data Fabric and Veeam Cloud Data Management Platform work together to deliver the simplicity, performance and agility needed to meet the explosive demand for data in today’s mobile, always-on world.

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What challenges could Veeam solve for your organisation?

Veeam solves many of the challenges organisations typically face, such as reducing costs and complexity. For example, the inability to provide a reliable backup is seen as a failure in the eyes of any IT professional. Veeam makes this simple.
In addition, NetApp HCI with Veeam Software allows organisations to move their data to more cost-effective tiers of storage, such as Amazon or Azure.

69% of IT decision makers state that their IT environment is more complex today than two years ago.

ESG Research, 2019 Spending Intentions Survey

Many IT managers are looking for ways to become more strategic in their organisation. However, the majority of IT budgets simply go towards keeping the lights on. With NetApp HCI and Veeam combined, your IT department can serve as a broker of IT services to end-users, lines of business, and business partners. This provides significant flexibility, allowing customers to consume IT services on-premises, in remote office locations, and in the public cloud.

Similarly, systems administrators can find themselves caught up in day-to-day administration tasks. This includes managing and troubleshooting application performance and data protection across physical, virtual, and cloud workloads. In order to combat this, they need a way to drive more automation into backup and disaster recovery processes, while ensuring critical data assets are protected from a myriad of threats.

Veeam Availability Suite combined with NetApp HCI helps to alleviate this. It allows  organisations to consolidate workloads through a joint solution that’s easy to deploy, manage, and scale. Simultaneously, Veeam delivers predictable performance and availability for all business applications and data across hybrid cloud environments.

What are the results?

Utilising Veeam Software in your organisation boasts numerous benefits for technical decision makers. Firstly, increased availability and predictable performance means less ‘sev1’ support tickets to deal with, freeing up evenings and weekends. Secondly, increased confidence to recover rapidly from application failures and data loss means greater job security. Thirdly, Veeam provides users with the opportunity to focus their attention towards more pressing business initiatives, taking them away from IT housekeeping tasks and allowing them to be seen as an ‘IT hero’.

Veeam also provides executive decision makers with a variety of benefits. According to IDC Research: The Business Value of Using NetApp and Veeam, these include higher ROI (250% ROI with a nine-month payback on investment), increased efficiency (36% lower hardware costs and 56% more efficient backup staff), and reduced risk (89% lower cost of unplanned downtime.

Incorporating Veeam in your organisation can also enable you to experience a greater return on investment (ROI). In fact, An IDC study of organisations utilising Veeam Availability solutions in conjunction with NetApp Data Fabric technologies found that it resulted in 286% five-year ROI, saving $31,642 per 100 users per year ($2.32M per organisation).

The research paper also highlighted the following results:

  • Reduced risk and cost by enabling more effective and timely data backup and recovery efforts.
  • Decreased cost of data-related outages in terms of lost user productivity and revenue
  • Minimised the staff time required to manage and support data backup and recovery environments.
  • Optimised the cost of storage hardware through longer life spans and improved data deduplication and compression capabilities.

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White Paper: Five Key Factors to Consider for HCI Data Protection

To recap, the benefits of NetApp HCI with Veeam Software include:

  • Simplifying your IT management
  • Reducing risk
  • Guaranteeing compliance
  • Improving application availability
  • Reducing complexity
  • Lowering costs
  • Standardising data protection across your environment
  • Leveraging Veeam’s rich and robust features

To learn more about how NetApp HCI with Veeam Software can add value in your organisation, download the white paper, ‘
Five Key Factors to Consider for HCI Data Protection’ today.

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