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Effective asset management is essential for an organisation to run at its best. Managing software assets and maintaining compliance isn’t a one-off activity and with ever growing software changes, infrastructure upgrades and new licensing schemes, it can be easy to lose track of what you have – and what you’re really using.

Software Asset Management (SAM) will give complete visibility and control of your licences. By staying on top of what you have, your software audits will become more and more straightforward.

Whether you need a simple software review or a full managed service of an entire, global software estate, Q Associates will work with you to provide a SAM service that’s tailored and configured to suit your business needs and budget. This is backed with the confidence that you’ll be working with a leading specialist IT solutions and services provider.

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What is Software Asset Management?

Software Asset Management (SAM) is an ongoing IT practice that involves managing and optimising the purchase, deployment, maintenance and utilisation of software within an organisation. The primary end goals of SAM are to:

  • Ensure software compliance
  • Mitigate risk of penalties
  • Avoid security breaches
  • Optimise software investments and drive down costs
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Putting you in control of your software estate

SAM doesn’t need to be complicated. Well-developed and clear software asset management processes are key to getting value from your software investments.

Full visibility, understanding and active management of what you currently own provides:

  • Clarity on the entitlement and usage rights of your software
  • What you have deployed
  • What is being used and how this might change over time
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SAM services that deliver peace of mind

With Q Associates SAM services, we can provide organisations with full visibility of their assets, track and manage licence position, correct any potential overspend on software and make sure that any risks are proactively identified and addressed.

  • Improving business processes
  • Addressing software compliance risks
  • Driving down costs.
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Navigate software asset management challenges
with enterprise grade SAM solutions and services

From consultancy and training, to baseline reports, to a full managed service, Q Associates can tailor a package around your business needs to ensure that you have full control of your software licencing environment and associated costs whether for your full estate or a review of your server or desktop environments.

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SAM Health Check

A SAM Health Check is the first step to optimising your SAM program. Designed to not only provide insight into your Software Asset Management (SAM) process but also into your SAM program and the data it contains. The result is a clear scoring against the ITIL Standard with an improvement plan on how to manage your software assets optimally and cost effectively moving forward.

The Q Associates SAM health check includes:

  • SAM Process and Procedure review
  • Review of Inventory & Entitlement accuracy
  • Management report highlighting findings
  • SAM Scoring & Improvement

This service includes a 365 Health Check to help optimise your Microsoft 365 estate.

Baseline Assessment


A Software Asset Management Baseline audit service delivers a single vendor software compliance position. Put simply, it is the reconciliation of what software is deployed versus the licence entitlement the organisation owns. This not only allows for better management by reducing risks but also the optimisation of existing licences. Q Associates’ expertise means we are also well placed to support the optimisation process to help structure your desktop and server environments in a way that utilises your existing licence entitlement to its full potential.

The Baseline Assessment service delivers effective licence positions (ELPs) / SAM baseline for a range of software manufacturers. The baseline(s) can be company-wide or by specific department. We can also perform desktop or server only reviews; all tailored to your requirements, timeframes and budget.

Compliance Assessment

Expanding the Baseline Assessment to include a pre-selected list of software vendors, this is ideal for an organisation to identify any significant compliance risks or software overspend.

SAM Managed Service

Tracking how much software exists within an organisation, which employees use it, what the contract dictates, whether the organisation is compliant, when renewals take place and how much is being spent on software is exhausting – and nearly impossible to manage without regular, dedicated resource.

SAM Managed Services helps automate all of the above. By outsourcing the number-crunching element of SAM it allows businesses to focus on the results, and then capitalise on the information provided. Data provided during a managed service also delivers foresight into future software planning and provides an advantage when negotiation software agreements with manufacturers.

Covering a comprehensive range of services including regular refresh compliance position, optimisation recommendations, surplus licence identification, SAM process violations and software policy exceptions, SAM Managed Services can be tailored to best suit an organisation’s needs and budget. Reviews can be scheduled as often as required and there is no fixed term for the service or limit on the number of managed software vendors during the contract.

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Optimise Microsoft 365 with SAM365 Managed Service

SAM365 is one of the few cloud-based Software Asset Management solutions that optimises Microsoft 365 subscriptions. The service automatically recommends how to reduce IT costs whilst finding the best Microsoft 365 subscriptions for every user.

Recognise and manage:

  • Lapsed users
  • Unused application allocations
  • User training on apps
  • Incorrect subscriptions

Software Licence Optimisation

Optimise your software investments based on accurate data and remain compliant, by assessing whether your organisation is appropriately licenced for your current deployment and usage.

With specialist knowledge around licensing, Q Associates can help with everything from desktop to server to cloud licence optimisation and recommend the best licensing options to align with future business plans.

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