Unleash the power of your compute infrastructure to accelerate workloads, increase productivity and simplify management

The most powerful high-performance computing (HPC) servers tackle the world’s biggest challenges, from combatting cancer and identifying next-gen materials to accelerating our understanding of disease. These same technologies can help you conquer your own business challenges with enterprise supercomputers designed for your needs.

Working with the world’s leading HPC technology providers, our scientific computing solutions use intelligent workload and policy-driven resource management to optimise computing clusters across the data center, on premises and in the cloud.

HPC enables organisations to process large amounts of data more quickly, leading to faster insights and the ability to stay ahead of competition.

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Q Associates delivers HPC solutions that conquer your data-intensive challenges

Reliability & Productivity

Empower hundreds of concurrent users to run millions of jobs on thousands of nodes with little or no unplanned downtime. Productivity is further enhanced through intelligent automation and simplified user interfaces.

HPC Servers & Clusters

High-Performance Computing harnesses the power of the industry’s most powerful computing solutions to solve complex problems requiring massive, high-speed computation.

Solutions are designed to suit specific requirement and are used in a wide range of applications such as Scientific Computing, Research, Visualisation, Modelling and Analytics.

Q Associates provides high-performance computing solutions built around Parallel and Cluster Computing technologies, combined with scalable, high-performance data storage solutions to address large scale, data intensive applications across key industry sectors.

GPU Accelerated Computing for AI/ML

With AI rapidly evolving, you need the right infrastructure to scale from experimentation to production. Meet today and tomorrow’s challenges head-on with integrated solutions that provide GPU acceleration, allowing you to reap the benefits of advanced analytics, HPC, and AI.

Implementing the right IT infrastructure for AI is essential – a solution with I/O and processing capabilities to accommodate data-intensive characteristics of modern analytics, HPC and AI workloads.

Fully exploit the potential of GPUs and other accelerators by eliminating I/O bottlenecks and sharing memory across GPUs and CPUs – yielding faster insights and more accurate models.

HPC Storage Systems for accelerated data management

Analytics, high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) are technologies designed to unlock the value of your data. While they have long been treated as separate technologies, they are converging as the industry comes to understand that AI requires the powerful, scalable compute, networking and storage provided by HPC.

Powerful HPC storage systems deliver a scalable, parallel file system with data tiering and simplified management for optimal handling of unstructured data. Fast reliable access to data from multiple servers, combines with data sharing across multiple protocol, including NFS, SMB, S3 & Rest.

NFS Storage

Storage solutions based on the NFS protocol are widely used for HPC clusters because NFS is simple, reliable, and easy to administer. In clusters with higher I/O requirements, NFS can provide a reliable, secondary storage repository for home directories, application storage and longer term storage of application data.

BeeGFS Storage – High performance and ease of use for I/O intensive workloads

BeeGFS is an open source, parallel cluster file system, designed specifically to manage I/O intensive workloads in performance critical environments.

Choose BeeGFS for its ease of installation, massive scalability, robustness, and exceptional flexibility, including converged systems where servers are used for storage and compute.

BeeGFS transparently spreads user data across multiple servers. File system performance and capacity can be scaled out to the desired level by simply increasing the number of servers and disks in the system.

Targeting Sustainability in HPC with Water Cooled Solutions

Water cooling, also called liquid cooling, leverages the higher thermal properties of water or other fluids to support efficient and cost-effective cooling of high-density racks allowing increased compute density, maximum performance, and exceptional energy savings in data centre expenses. With the added benefit of whisper quiet operations.

Maximum Performance. Extreme Density. Energy Efficient.

In data centre cooling technology, Lenovo tackles the problem head-on and has led the evolution with over a decade of liquid cooling engineering. As an established leader in high-performance computing (HPC), Lenovo drives new ways to deliver the benefits, by delivering liquid cooling without the added plumbing required. With direct water cooling for HPC and other workloads such as cloud, grid, and analytics, you can achieve greater density and efficiency within your air-cooled data centre.

A carbon neutral company

“High-performance computing solutions are now becoming more accessible and affordable with enterprise supercomputers designed for a wide variety of needs.

As customers embrace the competitive advantages to be gained from high-performance applications, Q Associates have the specialist knowledge and in-depth capabilities to successfully deliver innovative solutions to address the high-performance computing needs of our customers across multiple industries.”

Georgina Ellis, HPC Technology Specialist, Q Associates


Leading technology. Specialist knowledge. Award-winning expertise.

As an award-winning independent provider of specialist IT services, Q Associates provides data-centric technology solutions to customers across the UK and beyond.

Working closely with many of the world’s most exciting and innovative technology companies, we design, deliver, and support our customers’ critical IT service platforms, across desktops, data centres and clouds.

Our team of fully certified and accredited consultants and tech specialists have the scale and expertise to introduce HPC into your organisation.

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