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The thing we love most about the Cloud is that it’s one of the few technology advancements that lived up to the marketing hype. There was at one stage a cynical view that it was just another industry fad but the fact is, Cloud is delivering.

The question we’re often asked is ‘What type of Cloud is right for me?’ and with good reason. Where the options surrounding the Cloud models have undoubtedly grown, expertise and clear guidance on which Cloud route is the most suitable, is harder to come by.

Firstly… The Cloud: Public, Private, Hybrid or None?

The first thing worth noting is that Cloud isn’t a ‘do or die’ situation. For example, there may be good reasons where opting for a full Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) wouldn’t make sense for your business and this is something that a good provider will always tell you.

The variables for Cloud offerings exist for good reason, the needs for Cloud Computing differs greatly depending on your own environment, size and type of business.

Typically most solutions will be based around four basic models: Public, Private, Hybrid and Community. But what are the differences and which one is right for you?

Our cloud guide explores what the four main type are as well as addressing some key questions that anyone feeling uncertain about the cloud is thinking.

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