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The Unstoppable Rise of Fujitsu

February 8, 2016

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Ask your average person in the street if they have heard of Fujitsu and most will say ‘Aren’t they that company that used to make film for cameras?’ Speak to those in the ICT industry and they’d probably say, ‘Isn’t that the public sector outsourcing company?’

Of course, if you ask Google whether Fujitsu is a public sector outsourcing ICT Company, it’ll probably produce a few hundred pages that tie Fujitsu to this government project or that, either here of somewhere in Europe. But is that really all Fujitsu is, a public sector outsourcing company?

Fujitsu is in fact the world’s third largest ICT service provider in terms of revenue and it is the second oldest having been formed way back in 1935. Fujitsu may have dominated the public service sector since time immemorial but they are also a remarkably progressive company spanning more markets than they’re given credit or known for.

Whatever your preconception of Fujitsu, there’s no getting around the fact that their strategy and capability is far broader than just the areas that they’re synonymous with.

While IBM, HP & Dell have all taken turns in the limelight, Fujitsu have continued to grow both in size and reputation and we believe we know why.

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