Proactive defence against Ransomware

December 10, 2021

Cyber crime continues to rise in scale and complexity, affecting essential services, businesses, and private individuals alike.  Cyber crime costs the UK billions of pounds and can cause untold damage.

We have seen a significant growth in cyber criminality in the form of ransomware campaigns over the last year.  Breaches leave data exposed and organisations vulnerable to fraud, while significantly impacting reputation and business operations.

Some of the most common cyber threats include:

  • Hacking – including of social media and email passwords
  • Phishing – bogus emails asking for personal details and security information
  • Malicious software – including Ransomware where criminals hijack files and hold them ransom

The evolving technical capability of malicious software means evolving harm.  An organisation may have endpoint defences and a backup strategy in place, but ransomware still gets through.  And with criminals stepping up their malicious activity and ransomware attacks increasing, dedicated protection is needed for central storage.

As the landscape continues to shift, it is the most resilient organisations that will be able to adapt best, safely embracing new technologies, enabling secure remote/hybrid workforces, isolating ransomware attacks and countering insider threats to keep your organisation safe.

How do we help our customers to protect their systems?

Through our partnership with a range of leading software providers, Q Associates enables our customers to build a core resilience against cyber threats.

Ransomware is a global problem growing at over 60% per year.

Working in partnership with ProLion, our customers gain a comprehensive view of threat indicators in real-time via ProLion CryptoSpike, the #1 Ransomware and Data Protection platform for NetApp and Lenovo environments that provides data transparency and compliancy while reducing complexity.

CryptoSpike is a proactive ransomware protection solution with instant remediation and access transparency.  It is designed specifically for ONTAP file share – detects and blocks suspicious activity, including ransomware attacks, and prevents infected users from accessing data on volumes and shares.

Key protection features:

  • Blocklist – proactive blocking of all known ransomware threats
  • Passlist – allows only good known files to be written
  • Behaviour patterns – to identify and stop the spread of any suspicious behaviour or Zero-Day threat

Over 550 customers rely on ProLion Proactive Data Protection solutions to keep their data secure and accessible.

Getting started with CryptoSpike Proactive Ransomware Protection

Antivirus and backups are not enough.  Ransomware attacks continue to grow, despite most organisations having an AV solution in place.  New types of attacks can even disable endpoint protection, firewall, and backup vendors.

For a limited time, we are offering CryptoSpike for free for 2 months including installation.

Learn how ProLion’s agentless solution detects malicious activities in your file system, blocks attacks in real time, and prevents compromised backups to keep you always-on.

To book CryptoSpike FREE for 2 months, get in touch today

To discuss your cyber resilience strategy in more detail or to find out more about CryptoSpike, get in touch, or call us on 01635 248181 – we’d love to help.

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