IT managers of the future

August 21, 2018


Things are changing. We can all see it, feel it. But none more than the IT Managers of today.

They know everything there is to know about their field, but with IT environments gradually moving from silo-based data centres to more innovative cloud technologies, it’s looking more and more likely that the day-to-day IT Manager is going to have to switch up and adapt to the times to stay afloat. And while the job of IT manager isn’t expected to budge anytime soon, what the role is expected to become is supposedly changing beyond recognition.

An evolving role

As put by a CIO recently, “My data centre? It’s everywhere and anywhere. I need to place compute capability to enable my business.” What he meant was that fixed data centres are becoming a thing of the past, while cloud-based technologies are rapidly rising among businesses. They’re enabling us to digitally engage with customers, employees and partners better than ever before, creating an ecosystem of service partners to help enable scalable, agile infrastructures. Digital companies can innovate fast, fail fast and adapt to change—pushing items that are not mission-critical to integrated cloud services.

With more and more businesses moving to more specialised managed support services, and up to 75% of IT departments shrinking in the next five years as cloud adoption accelerates, IT pros now have a chance to take their business knowledge and IT know-how to help organisations in a more advisory role.

How to stay valuable and relevant

As this important role begins to evolve, to stay valuable to the industry, IT managers must start thinking about:

  • Stepping back from their day-to-day management of applications and support staff.
  • Focussing on the management of smaller-scale value-adding projects.
  • Keeping up with the latest IT developments and trends and how the business can use them to best effect.
  • Preparing for a smaller team filled with the most talented IT people around.

Skills for the future

  • Manage your contractors and any outsourced application providers – industry analysts predict that within 10 years, most businesses will have completely outsourced all IT management, so the number of contractors and suppliers IT will be managing is set to keep on growing.
  • Managing a small team of super-generalists – With most day-to-day IT management outsourced, you’ll have a more compact team of flexible specialists who have extensive skills and experience across a vast range of applications and platforms.
  • Weeding out the hype – As new tech comes and goes, to stay successful, IT managers must learn how to judge which trends are worth keeping an eye on.

As long as IT managers realise and evaluate the way the market is changing, they can prepare for that change and flourish in the future.

At Q Associates, we value our customer relationships and understand the changes the digital climate is going through. That’s why we work hard, taking time to fully understand your IT strategy and tailoring a service to you, because we know that one size doesn’t fit all.

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