How NetApp HCI with VMware Private Cloud Simplifies Data Management

January 22, 2020

If your organisation is looking to simplify its data management and increase its IT agility, efficiency, and scalability, NetApp HCI with VMware is the ideal solution. Read on to discover how to uncover all of these benefits in addition to reduced costs.

The NetApp HCI for VMware Private Cloud NVA (NetApp Verified Architecture) delivers a cloud-like experience on-premises for NetApp and VMware customers, combining the data fabric delivered by NetApp with VMware’s vision of a software-defined data centre.

By combining NetApp HCI and VMware private cloud products, your organisation can quickly build out hardware resources without unused excesses. This allows you to conduct, troubleshoot, and monitor the environment from several utilities available from a single console. 

Read on to discover how NetApp HCI and VMware can simplify your data management.

Download the technical FAQ to discover how NetApp HCI with VMware can add value in your organisation.

What is VMware?

VMware refers to a whole suite of products built around virtualisation: the process of creating a software-based or virtual representation of a device or resource. This includes virtual applications, servers, storage, and networks, enabling your organisation to reduce IT expenses, boost efficiency, and increase agility — regardless of your business size.

NetApp HCI, on the other hand, is the foundation of your organisation’s private cloud strategy. Built on a storage data management software called Element OS, NetApp HCI is a highly intuitive platform deeply integrates with VMware products. This allows you to introduce automation, orchestration, protect your data, and replicate environments, which is particularly useful in terms of cloud connectivity and disaster recovery.

How does VMware work alongside NetApp HCI?

NetApp HCI forms the backbone to VMware Private Cloud. Incorporating VMware, NetApp HCI provides organisations with the ability to consolidate different workloads and run numerous applications, simply and efficiently.

NetApp HCI and VMware combined provide scaling performance, automation, and cloud connectivity. Thanks to NetApp HCI’s deployment engine, your organisation can set up and provision new VMware hosts and data stores in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, as running VMware on NetApp HCI is validated and verified, it reduces risk in your organisation when deployed.

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What challenges does VMware solve for organisations?

Organisations want predictable performance, reliability, and availability. Thanks to its turnkey cloud infrastructure, NetApp HCI with VMware Private Cloud helps organisations drive out complexity when managing their environments, avoiding the ‘server sprawl’ that they may have encountered in the past.

‘NetApp HCI with VMware drives out complexity in organisations.’ — Laurence James, NetApp UK

public sector organisations typically have traditional, three-tier architectures in place, but managing all three layers can be complex. Such organisations often lack control over their workloads, which compete for resources and lead to an unpredictable response.

Introducing NetApp HCI combined with VMware Private Cloud removes that complexity and enables multitenancy, allowing organisations to run multiple workloads together in a predictable manner. In addition, the NetApp Data Fabric enables cloud connectivity, helping to future-proof your organisation.

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What are the results?

NetApp HCI and VMware Private Cloud combined provide enhanced data management capability, empowering organisations (both public and private) to drive operational efficiencies, as well as return on investment (ROI).

VMware provides organisations with the ability to control their data/workloads in a granular way and achieve scalability. It also enables you to ensure predictable response and service times to meet your service level objectives (SLOs). This is vital in terms of customer retention and the long-term protection of the brand. Finally, VMware allows you to build a cloud-like environment on-premise.

Technical FAQ: NetApp HCI with VMware Private Cloud

If your organisation is looking to build a hybrid cloud strategy for its enterprise resources, look no further than NetApp Private Cloud and the Hybrid Multicloud Experience.

The benefits of NetApp HCI with VMware include:

  • NetApp Deployment Engine (NDE)
  • Easy, seamless storage scale
  • Multitenancy
  • Storage efficiencies
  • Simple administration and reporting

To learn more about how NetApp HCI with VMware can add value in your organisation, download the technical FAQ, ‘NetApp HCI with VMware Private Cloud’ today.

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