Dell EMC PowerStore – A New Generation of Storage

July 9, 2020

Dell EMC PowerStore offers a new generation of storage ideal for VMware users. Read on to discover how PowerStore can help your organisation increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs and complexity.

The role of IT has evolved significantly in recent years, as organisations are increasingly required to make huge amounts of data available across multiple locations — both on-premises and in the cloud.

Recent ESG research revealed that 64% of respondents felt their organisations’ IT environments are more complex than two years ago.

Paired with greater demand for applications to provide increased availability, automation and agility — and increasing pressure to digitally transform — there’s much to contend with; all with the goal of improving operational efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.

Dell EMC PowerStore is designed to deliver the performance, availability, automation and agility that modern applications require, while reducing complexity across hybrid cloud deployments.

With VMware users in mind, PowerStore integrates seamlessly into VMware management frameworks to simplify storage management for administrators and increase overall efficiency. Read on to find out more.

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About Dell EMC PowerStore

Dell EMC PowerStore is a completely new Dell Technologies’ mid-range storage appliance, built from the ground up using the latest technologies to deliver the performance, availability, security, flexibility, and ease of use that modern applications need.

Dell Technologies designed PowerStore with a new, container-based architecture and a commitment to meeting organisations’ needs to support all types of data with less complexity, greater agility, intelligence, automation, and cost efficiency across customers’ hybrid cloud deployments.

Dell EMC architecture explained

PowerStore is based on a versatile scale-up and out platform, which utilises Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, as well as today’s most advanced storage technologies (including NVMe Flash and dual-ported Intel® OptaneTM SSDs and always-on inline data reduction).

PowerStore uses powerful analytics, automation and active resource balancing to enhance performance and remove management overhead costs.

Why PowerStore for VMware?

Dell PowerStore is data-centric and delivers unified storage in a performance-optimised appliance to support any workload.

For existing VMware users, incorporating Dell EMC PowerStore provides the following benefits:

1.    Reduces the total cost of ownership

By leveraging existing storage investments, people skills, and operational procedures, your organisation can reduce the cost of deploying applications using PowerStore in VMware environments, as well as with VMware Cloud Foundation.

2.    Leverages advanced enterprise storage functionality

With DELL EMC PowerStore, your organisation can leverage unique, advanced functionality. This includes highly available storage architectures, machine learning-based service levels, advanced snapshot and data reduction capabilities, and run applications co-resident with the required data.

3.    Provides more granular performance and scale

With PowerStore, your enterprise storage can scale independently from the compute infrastructure. When your application usage demands high-I/O density solutions, traditional storage can provide that flexibility.

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Is PowerStore right for my organisation?

Dell EMC PowerStore can benefit your organisation if you are looking to modernise and consolidate your architecture, simplify and automate your systems and services, and ultimately achieve your digital transformation goals.

Dell Technologies On-Demand OPEX-structured flexible consumption helps you to predictably budget for IT spend, pay for technology per usage, and reduce the total cost of ownership across the technology lifecycle.

PowerStore is designed to support any workload by delivering unified storage in a performance-optimised appliance. This enables autonomous, consistent operations for optimum efficiency.

PowerStore can provide your organisation with:

  • Unmatched agility with AppsON technology
  • Anytime upgrades program
  • Scale-up and out for flexible growth
  • Persistent NVMe Flash and SCM Drive support
  • Guaranteed data efficiency
  • Remarkable flexibility with unified storage

Dell EMC PowerStore: Key Features and Benefits

As a new storage appliance, Dell EMC PowerStore delivers new levels of operational simplicity and agility for VMware environments. PowerStore also provides you with the flexibility to host virtualised applications directly on the appliance thanks to its available AppsON capability.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Integrates with VMware management, improving administrator efficiency
  • Allows you to run virtualised applications co-resident with data, reducing latency
  • Linear scale-out and scale-up capability increases storage capacity and performance for VMware environments
  • Optimised for the latest modern data storage technology (NVMe and SCM)
  • Enables always inline data reduction (compression and deduplication), improving vVols storage footprint

Dell EMC Info Graphic: Introducing PowerStore

Why Q Associates for Dell EMC PowerStore?

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We are proud of the work that we do and would love to discuss your strategic IT priorities and challenges in more detail.

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