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Cloud Volumes ONTAP: Unleash the power of the hybrid cloud

November 20, 2018

Among the many outstanding benefits that the cloud brings, inarguably, the term ‘Cloud computing’ has become synonymous with hidden costs. People usually opt for cloud-based solutions because of their potential to reduce costs and enhance agility, often finding themselves particularly drawn in by the cloud’s “pay per use” promise. However, many users are hit with hidden fees for services they were completely unaware they were using.

From start-up organisations all the way up to the Highstreet’s household names, we’re seeing that, no matter who you are or which hyperscaler you choose, organisations of all shapes and sizes are experiencing the same thing in the public cloud. A little service charge here. A little add on there. We all know the story.

Fortunately, NetApp has an answer for this with Cloud Volumes ONTAP. This hybrid cloud solution reduces overall amount of storage while cutting costs, meaning users can enjoy even more storage than before while saving money and reducing the resources needed in the public cloud.

Quick and easy to both set up and deploy, Cloud Volumes ONTAP allows you to migrate your workloads straight away. NetApp’s SnapMirror technology makes moving data from on-prem into the cloud (and vice versa) a breeze. While using a simple lift and shift approach to moving data requires no change to an organisation’s current process, enabling them to use one skillset to manage both environments within the hybrid cloud. One thing all of these benefits have in common – time. One of, if not the most valuable asset to any person or organisation.

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Henry Crosby

Henry Crosby

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