‘Chasing Clouds’ – Why everyone wants a FlexPod with OpenStack

January 27, 2017


This year FlexPod has extended its impressive validated design portfolio to include an OpenStack solution; which if you’re already a FlexPod evangelical, is pretty good news to say the least.

The great thing about an OpenStack solution built on a converged infrastructure is that the speed of cloud deployment alone will increase dramatically. It will also make the guesswork associated with sizing, configuration, validation and hardware certification a thing of the past. Practices that would ordinarily take your average IT department months to architect can now be delivered within one transformational, collaborative piece of genius.


According to Gartner, 70% of enterprises are actively pursuing private or hybrid cloud solutions in 2015. 84% of those enterprises plan to deploy OpenStack and with good reason.

FlexPod already has over 6000 customers world-wide with over 100 validated architectures supporting a broad range of enterprise workloads and use cases; the introduction of OpenStack means that number is set to sky-rocket further still. The demand for OpenStack on validated architectures is already on the rise and it’s pretty clear why. Technological consumers are looking for enterprise-grade open hybrid cloud foundations that are simple to manage, fast to deploy and let’s not forget, secure.

And it just keeps getting better

NetApp, Cisco and Red Hat have also got their heads together and created Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform on FlexPod Datacenter.

This cloud-ready enterprise-grade integrated infrastructure solution enables faster booting of instances, rapid volume creation, greased lightning deployments and greater overall scalability. Not to mention, it is also:

• Proven to have met complex enterprise class compute & network cases
• Built on a pre-defined and tested infrastructure architecture
• Able to demonstrate ease of deployment using OpenStack Platform Deployment tools
• Proven to have met rigorous enterprise-class storage and data management use cases
• Infamous for its market leading 24×7 collaborative technical support

And there you have it, that’s just a snapshot of why FlexPod with OpenStack currently rules the technological world.

Cisco’s server innovation and network leadership help you build, use, and connect OpenStack clouds. Red Hat is the open source leader that makes OpenStack safe, secure and consumable while NetApp lets you manage and maintain control of your data across clouds at all times with Data ONTAP.

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