5 Reasons You Need Wan Optimisation

November 16, 2015


The volume of information flowing through our work and personal lives is going in one direction and one direction only, up.

The natural by-product is that the sheer volume of data puts the traditional capability of the average WAN under unprecedented constraint. Take a glance at almost any network monitor and you will see packets regularly dropped, jumbled out of sequence, sent multiple times or worse still, even corrupted as they buckle under the pressure of the magnitude of tasks demanded of them.

Surges in throughput are often badly catered for by traditional WAN set ups. The further away they are from the data centres, the bigger the problem becomes. High latency (the time it takes to go from A to B) means being slower into action, delays in workflows and the underutilisation of resources. An unstable inefficient WAN, is not just frustrating… it’s costly too.

We think the answer is abundantly clear, it’s time to consider WAN ‘Optimisation as a Service’ and here are just five reasons why it could be your next best IT decision:

1) You probably aren’t receiving the bandwidth you’re pay for

Without optimisation, your bandwidth and data throughput is always subject to WAN conditions and as a subsequence probably considerably underperforming. For example on a 15-20MB WAN, the UK’s typical latency is 25ms and includes 1% data loss, which is both unnecessary and easily solved.

2) It is possible to “Guarantee Performance” & a positive End User experience across 1,000’s of miles

OaaS can provide real-time latency mitigation. Monitoring software can track congestion and address the increasingly alarming issue of packet ordering and dropping. It can also provide de-duplication of all IP WAN traffic for the highest possible throughput.

3) You can have “Enterprise Performance Connectivity” at Internet pricing

The unique technologies OaaS can deliver unparalleled application performance across your WAN, only at a considerably more cost effective rate.

4) Warner Music Group implemented OaaS and saw a data replication transfers reduced from 7 hours down to approx. 30 minutes

OaaS negated the need to increase WMG’s circuit size from 300 Mbps to 1Gbps representing a cost saving of tens of thousands of pounds and a 92.4 reduction in data.

5) Protect your investment by ‘Future Proofing’ any / all with Application IP Layer Optimisation

The reality is things change. So when considering OaaS it’s not just about solving the issues today but also addressing the direction in which the business is heading. The increased reliance on data hungry Applications and their impact on your WAN are a common problem but one that is that is easily solved.

We know that the volume of data is showing no signs of slowing up, but the introduction of an IP Layer for optimisation could mean that all current and future applications can enjoy the benefits of optimisation, including SAAS products.

*Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? If you’d like some guidance on how you can optimise your WAN and would like more information on ‘Optimisation as a service’, please contact one of our optimisation specialists here.

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